Part 2-A Guide to Smart Contracts

As a quick recap of the Part 1 of our guide, smart contracts are self-executing and have their agreement terms directly written into lines of computer code. The code exists across a decentralized,.


Part 1-A Guide to Smart Contracts

Most people would not readily enter into a contract with some of their friends and family members let alone a stranger that they don’t know or have never met. But the Internet opened new global.


Strategic Value of Blockchain

Understanding the value, feasibility, and impact involved in blockchain solutions requires incredible insight into the probable applications of the technology, and its impact internally and for the.


Why cybersecurity is important to your business

Impact of Cybersecurity on businesses

Vulnerability Testing

Vulnerability Testing-Why you need it

As cyber attacks evolve and become more rampant and refined, it’s important to protect your business from potentially ruinous financial and reputation losses. This is where vulnerability testing.


Blockchain made simple

If you’ve been keeping up with technology trends especially in the last decade, you must have heard of blockchain. Although this buzzword has been largely associated with bitcoin and other.

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